Friday, 20 January 2012

Why You Should Need Unique Content for SEO

Unique Content is a key to Online Relationship Building - this is one of those phrases that get tossed around a lot on the Web. Certainly, this is probably one of the single most important concepts needed to be kept in the forefront of your mind when you are developing marketing and SEO strategies.

Textual contents are required for SEOing of a website. You either put them on a website or use them to promote your webpage. The key purpose of putting quality unique contents is to achieve top positions on search results, which in turn bring visitors, produces sales, and generate revenues. There are many rules of content creation; the significant being Quality, Relevance and Uniqueness. If you stick to those key rules, your website will continue to gain better rankings in the search engines.

Content, is what each user looks for, in one way or another. It could be text including webpage content, articles and blogs; videos and graphical demonstrations; or other social media contents like tweets, comments and posts. It’s a popular theory that if the website with more content will have a bigger slice of the Google Pie. Search engines like Google strive to deliver users the best results and experience against their searches. So they are likely to direct their traffic to a website containing more content than its competitors for a given search keyword.

There are a number of reasons for why you should use unique content while carrying out link-building activities for your website: Links: Unique contents are vulnerable to attract quality links, that others would want to share with users in their circles. People are far more apt to link to a website, which is full of valueable contents.

Entrances: At times, searches are informational rather than transactional. This means that when people aren't buying your products/services, they are surfing for information. So a website with better-quality contents will have more entry ways for people to come through.

Education: Sale pitches backed up with objective and unbiased content educate potential clients. This kind of impartial information helps build your relationship through education.
Today, search engines look for unique contents. About a year ago, Google took a big leap by tweaking its algorithm in response to the domination of content farms like Ezine, ArticleBase, eHow, and others where contents lacking uniqueness and quality would scream for attention. The change in algorithm caused a substantial drop in the rankings of websites with poor contents, whilst websites with unique contents secured higher rankings on the search results. This is only the first big step against low-quality contents; more will surely follow.

Those involved in developing contents like articles, blogs, and videos know that writing informative, compelling contents isn’t everyone’s cup of coffee. SEO marketing services like Content Writing enable you build relations, earn trust, and drive traffic towards your website. If you have been overlooking the importance of unique content, it’s the time to leverage it to your advantage!

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